LISTEN: The Parasocial Club Works Some ‘Social Magic’

Since coming onto the scene, Nashville’s The Parasocial Club has laid claim to a unique sound — one that combines alt-rock edge with a bit of post-grunge grit, tied together by memorable melodies and a touch of quirkiness.

With their new single, “Social Magic,” we hear a new side of the duo; one that contrasts from the frantic, drum machine-driven sensibility of preceding single “Sunny Day.” Marked by a slower, more deliberate groove, the new single opens with a low and crunchy distorted guitar riff. It builds from there into a multi-layered soundscape, while a punchy vocal melody calls out modern society’s penchant for projecting an image of perfection — sometimes, at the cost of integrity..

Give “Social Magic” a listen below on Spotify!

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