UMC20: Best of September 2019

Well… that month came and went fast, didn’t it?

It seems like just yesterday that our late-summer Review-A-Palooza just ended and we gave you the best of August. It’s been weeks since that time, and for certain, there have been plenty of tunes to keep you moving.

As we do before looking ahead to each new month, we’re here to give you those that were most in-demand over the past few UMC20 playlists. This month — and every month, it seems — brings a good sampling of jams from across the musical spectrum.

So… sample it below, again and again!

Track listing
A.T. Branch – Ready 4 War
Elisabeth Beckwitt – Lovely
Pottersfield – Empty Bottles
Emily Chambers – Girlfriend Like You
Catalina – Desenfoca
Laurel & the Love In – Want You For Your Body
Williams – Sinner
Savannah – Snake in the Grass
Greg in Good Company – Monster’s Lair
Wolforna – The Fleet
EverSol – Runaway
Caleb Caudle – Carolina Ghost
Michael Logen – For the Dreamers
Three Strands – Further on Ahead
Amy Jay – Grief
Darrin Bradbury – Breakfast
Talia Stewart – Fly
NyteXing – Isekai
Nate Rose ft. Ollie Joseph and HUSH – Ranch
89 ft. Chasen Day, Adios, Creative la Biz – Last Call

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