The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Friday, October 11

If you’re like me, and you came of age in the early-mid 2000s, you came up in the mainstream heyday of emo and have a soft spot for the genre.

Today’s Daily Spinn is here to scratch that itch, bay-baaaaay.

Brian Quirk, known for his work in Philly-area pop punk band Kissing The Klepto, stepped out on his own to reach the seasonally-appropriate “Libra.” A downtempo, purely acoustic offering about the emptiness left after two lovers go their separate ways, “Libra” wistfully explores the hope of possible reconciliation, while acknowledging the personal journey that two recently-single people must embark upon to feel complete.

Listen to it on this crisp — or, in our case in Nashville, still-warm-and-balmy — fall day. The Spotify thingy is below!

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