ALBUM PREMIERE: The Slow Drag – Dope Tunage Vol. 1

We’ve been receiving breadcrumbs all year from The Slow Drag, leading up to the eventual release of his debut full-length album, Dope Tunage Vol. 1.

Prepare yourself, for the day is here. Dope Tunage Vol. 1 has entered our lives!

What we have here, from start to finish, is an album rife with memorable hooks and relatable themes. Dope Tunage Vol. 1 is packed with rock and roll anthems – from the playful opening track, “All Because,” to the high-powered closer “This One,” which brings us full circle with the story of two lovers amicably going their separate ways.

In between, there’s plenty of magic to be had.

Previously-unreleased offerings of Dope Tunage also include “Chase,” a heavy ballad about letting go for the sake of setting one’s own heart free. Speaking of heaviness, penultimate track “Wildfires” is a slow-burning and dramatic power ballad, giving due to the catalysts who come into our lives to change our perspectives, but whose often-brief stays in our lives leave a void that can only be filled by their presence.

Looking for a feel-good moment? The never-before-heard “Someone to Be Good To” is a jovial jam for the hopeless romantic, with a whimsy that resides somewhere between Weezer and The Beatles, with a touch of modern fuzz in its opening distorted guitar riff.

We hope you’re as excited to hear this full volume of Dope Tunage as we are to present it to you below. And, if you’re in Nashville, you can celebrate this album’s release this Friday, October 25 at Analog inside the Hutton Hotel. Here’s the link for more info!

Track listing
All Because
Broken Arrow
God Roots for My Team
I Feel It, Too
Death on My Mind
Someone to Be Good To
Beat of My Heart
This One

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