PREMIERE: Elisabeth Beckwitt’s ‘Think You Are’ Visits an Understated Side of Recovery

One of Elisabeth Beckwitt’s key tenets as an artist is to shine a light on recovery from struggles with mental health and addiction. Sometimes, that journey takes those in recovery to unexpected places.

Beckwitt addresses that in her typical, head-on fashion with “Think You Are,” the title track from her forthcoming EP.

Employing a slow-burning, hypnotic groove and a dark, pensive ambiance, the new single keeps with Beckwitt’s tradition of utilizing the title track of her projects to shed light on recovery’s many facets. With “Think You Are,” she brings attention to what some may find to be an unexpected component of “the other side of sober”: grieving one’s former self.

“‘Gray Again’ was about the earlier stages of my recovery; a time when I was struggling with finding treatment options that worked for me. ‘Indigo’ was like my ‘break up song’ to my addiction; my way of saying that I’m ready to move on and I don’t want it in my life anymore. I thought it just made sense to get the title of this third EP from ‘Think You Are.'” Beckwitt said. “This song speaks to a phenomenon that I think people aren’t really aware of because we don’t talk about it a lot: the idea of grieving the negative things in your life. Missing your addiction, mental health problems, self harm, and eating disorders is normal. Recovery is about managing those moments, and treating yourself with kindness. This song — this whole EP, really — is another step in grieving my addiction: a love letter to the me before recovery.”

“Think You Are” was co-written by Beckwitt’s frequent collaborator and producer, Jason Threm. It officially hits all outlets on Friday, October 25, but we have a first listen for you below!

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