Out and About: This Week in Nashville

The great thing about living in Nashville is that you can go out and find almost anything you want out of live music, any night of the week.

This was one of those weeks where we took full advantage of that.

Our journey started on Monday night, when we stopped by EXIT/IN to check in with Luca Di Fabio. It’s been exciting to watch Di Fabio (and his band, of the same name) evolve over the past several months, and Monday night’s electrifying set was another step forward in that evolution. The band’s always-blistering guitar work stood strong on top of multi-layered soundscapes, and Di Fabio’s unique vocal abilities and flamboyant stage presence commanded as much attention as ever throughout the 45-minute set.

The following night, Halloween came early, and we found ourselves at Helping Our Music Evolve to celebrate the occasion with the HOME Halloween Jam. Open to the public, the jam built community by allowing musicians across the spectrum a chance to bring a song to the stage and perform — as long as they were in costume.

We took a breather mid-week, but headed right back out there on Friday night. The first part of our evening took us up to hang with our friends at ElevatedMusic for a house concert featuring Americana duo The Rough & Tumble with support from southern Gothic blues rocker Jhett Black. We were able to snag a few photos of Black’s set before heading to part two of our Friday evening (more on that in an upcoming post), and found ourselves captivated by his distinctive low baritone, which led us to hang on every piece of lyrical wisdom he had to share.

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