The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Monday, November 4

It’s New Episode Release Day (N.E.R.D.), and we are thrilled for you to listen to the conversation we just put out with Keece and Coffin of Nashville-based alt-rock band, EverSōl. You can head here to do that, and you might as well follow The Quinn Spinn while you’re there.

With that, let’s take this back to where it all started in July.

That was when EverSōl burst onto the scene with their debut single, “Secrets Untold.” The tune was a strong introduction, complete with a dramatic edge that works together in tandem with a witchy Americana sensibility, giving the band a unique sound and character of its own.

You can learn all about what has happened with EverSōl before and since on today’s episode. For now, give “Secrets Untold” another Spinn!

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