Exhibit&Friends Episode 8: Bootleg Rascal

Underground Music Collective is excited to partner with California-based music writer and vlogger ExhibitCreative to bring you the Exhibit&Friends video series.

Based in California, Exhibit&Friends will feature interviews with artists from all over the world, across a wide variety of genres — kind of like a lot of what we do here at UMC. Great minds think alike, as they say, and we’re excited to welcome our new friends into the fold, and to become introduced to even more talented and creative people from everywhere.

Let’s jump right in below!

Ladies, gentlemen, and everything in between. I’ve been gone for quite some time now — and I apologize for that. We can talk about that in the DMs, though. Right now, I’m here to brag about how I had the chance to sit down with a member of a band I’ve come to appreciate greatly. A fellow bearded man with, undoubtedly, a consistent amount of blisters on his fingers at all times, and a known appreciator of the all-mighty taco.

The band member I sat down with? None other than Jimmy Young of Bootleg Rascal. So, and it feels good to say this again, the lights are dimmed and the candles are lit. Let’s get started with another episode of Exhibit&Friends.

It took a long time to get this episode in the bag, but it had to be done. I’m a fan of Bootleg Rascal. Of course I am; if you’re a fan of musicians like Gorillaz, Slightly Stoopid, or Sticky Fingers, then you are probably a fan of theirs, too. If you’re a fan of those three but not Bootleg Rascal, then I would like to hear your *cough* false case for not being a fan.

Bootleg Rascal make music for those who put emphasis on sound, energy, and uniqueness in their taste of music. You listen to Bootleg Rascal because you are a fan of multiple genres of music, and you want to hear what those genres can sound like when merged together. The band can release a reggae track infused with hip hop or rock, and make it sound as though that sound is what’s already popular in music. Bootleg Rascal plays a respectable role in the music industry as a pioneer for new sounds — sounds that are sonically pleasing to their steadily-expanding fanbase.

I had a fun time talking to Jimmy. The dude seems to be living the life of a tranquil rockstar — someone who goes with the flow. I can only imagine all of the stories and advice the rest of the band has in their vault. But, that is going to have to wait for the next episode. It’s time to get to the video.

But first, Bootleg Rascal’s socials: 

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And, yours truly:

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And, the moment you’ve been waiting for…

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