UMC20: November 5, 2019

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s our “secondary birthday.” A year ago today, we went under our transformation to #GoBeyond and become Underground Music Collective.

So, what better way to celebrate than with a brand-new edition of the UMC20 playlist?

We’re also lucky that our #GoBeyond-iversary just so happens to fall on a New Music Tuesday this year. And, certainly, we have plenty to show for the past almost-year around Nashville.

The funny thing? What’s below is just a sample size from the past couple weeks! Our ears have been flooded with so many sweet sounds — since the last all-new UMC20, as well as since that fateful day of transformation last November.

So, let’s share some of those sounds together, like we do every Tuesday. Check it out below!

Track listing
Williams – Rebound
Kendal Conrad – Leader of the Pack
EverSol – Runaway
A.T. Branch – The Flood
MICVH – Copper and Wine
Annie Bacon & Her Oshen – Nothing Stays the Same
Brian Dunne – Harlem River Drive
Kelsey Waldon – Anyhow
Catalina – Multifacetica
Arts Fishing Club – Skinny Dippin’
Drunken Logic – Alone in America
Rusty Shipp – Detonator
Frances & the Foundation – Wake Up
Mount Royal – Half-Beat Groove
Acarya – Airship Tales
The Parasocial Club – Nightmares Are Real
Evan Cline – Company
Madalyn Martin ft. Z’cano – Dangerous
Illa Noize – Million
HAYL – Be Like You

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