LISTEN: Glamper Just Wants You to ‘Take Your Cat Back’… or Do They?

Sometimes, breakups have unintended consequences. In the case of Nashville-based rockers Glamper, they wound up with a new friend.

“Take Your Cat Back” begins as a slow, grungy dirge, approaching a relationship’s end with a degree of apathy and, it seems, a greater concern for the fate of material possessions.

Then… the ex’s cat walks into the room, and our story takes a turn. Likewise, the tune trades in its somber march for a steadier, more contemplative groove.

At first, our heroes are unsure what to do with the cat, even going so far to weigh the option of euthanasia… until connecting with the cat’s big, needy eyes. From there, we grow quite attached to the gender-neutrally-named Pizza the Cat, who becomes an indispensable, beer-fetching companion as our story progresses.

We suspect you’ll have as much fun listening to this one as we did. Stream “Take Your Cat Back” below!

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