PREMIERE: Intellect’s ‘My Soul’ An Anthem of Perseverance

Earlier this fall, we gave you a listen to Intellect’s single “Scarface Fitted,” a song about the struggle of continually trying to win the love and affection of hip hop itself.

If you stick through the mud long enough, periods of struggle will often lead to breakthroughs. That’s the message of Intellect’s latest single, “My Soul.”

Originally pegged as the first single from Intellect’s forthcoming Depth EP, the rapper and actor — real name Michael Dowd — decided to release “My Soul” second to show the value of perseverance.

“Listeners needed to see that you need to go through things, and you see that on ‘Scarface Fitted.’ Then, I talk about the things I’ve gone through and the other side of that,” Dowd said. “(‘My Soul’) is one of those songs where you can sit comfortably in your own skin and say, ‘This is who I am, this is who I’m going to be and, whether you like it or not, I’m comfortable with the people who are going to like it.'”

“My Soul” is aptly titled, employing a smooth and upbeat neo-soul instrumental. Embedded within the single’s many layers is a funky, Nile Rogers-inspired guitar riff that drives the track forward and enhances its triumphant feel.

It’s ready for your ears. Listen to “My Soul” below!

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