The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Tuesday, November 12

In keeping with the theme of this week’s Daily Spinns, Tom Pino is another artist who has been quite busy since we last heard from him.

For one thing, he recently announced that he’ll be joining the party here in Nashville pretty soon, so we’re super excited about that. He also released a new single — the beautiful duet, “Stay.”

A tender, pleading ballad, “Stay” presents Pino at his most vulnerable. He’s not alone on the single; Pino co-wrote “Stay” with Colleen Francis, known professionally as pop artist Franky C, who lends her vocal harmonies to provide some of the single’s most expressive, poignant moments.

Instrumentally, we’re led into “Stay” with a minimalist acoustic guitar progression. The track then swells dramatically with the introduction of a string section and atmospheric elements, adding to the single’s heaviness.

It’s sure to make you feel something. “Stay” a while and check out our Daily Spinn!

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