The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Wednesday, November 13

Welcome to the Age of the Bear.

Ever-versatile singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Anthony Cubbage has released the first taste of his new acoustic folk project, AGE of the BEAR, with a live acoustic video of a new song called “Worthwhile.”

Cubbage, who also fronts this band bearing his surname, had this to say about the new single.

“After a couple years of songs sitting around, and losing motivation to share them, I sat down in the light of a window, watching the day go by, and knowing there was nothing I had enough motivation to do, except maybe write a song. It’s been the only thing I know I can finish and feel progress on in a day. So I wrote this song about the feeling of wanting everything and anything at the same time, when you feel like all you can do is nothing. “

-Anthony Cubbage on “Worthwhile”

So, there you have it. Take a look at the video below, shot and edited by Mitch Straub, as today’s special Daily Spinn!

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