PHOTOS: B Chord Takeover at Live Oak

In case you haven’t heard, we love writers rounds. It’s kind of our thing.

On Monday night, our love affair with this medium for sharing songs and stories took a country turn, courtesy of B Chord Management.

The Nashville-based management company hosted a B Chord Takeover event at Live Oak Music Row, featuring some of the most noteworthy up-and-coming songwriters in country music.

The night was packed full of diverse, talented shades of Americana. In particular, we had the chance to enjoy a wide regional sampling of artists, including Virginia natives Bryan Frazier and Scott Kurt, native New Yorkers Carolyn Miller, J.Antonette, and Stephanie Ryann, Marylander Wes Ryce, and Elle Mears.

Have a look at the photos below which, thanks to the brilliant lighting at Live Oak, came out great. We’ll come back anytime!

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