REVIEW: Billy Bauer Band – Live at Sherman Theater

Bethlehem, PA acoustic rockers Billy Bauer Band have released their first full-length album since 2011’s Maybe Tomorrow — and they were so excited to get it done, they did it live!

The new Live at Sherman Theater album is an acoustic set Bauer and electronic violinist Chris Lorenzetti performed in support of TR3, the power trio led by Dave Matthews Band guitarist Tim Reynolds. This performance was the conclusion of Billy Bauer Band’s brief regional “So I Love” tour, which took place this past winter in the Northeast.

The album spans the band’s history — all the way back to “You Never Know” and “Anthony” from its 2006 debut, Another Day is Coming — while providing a glimpse into its future. Live at Sherman Theater is the first official release of Bauer setlist staples “The Grip” and “Worms.”

The two new tracks are also among the live album’s highlights, and show how much Bauer has evolved as a songwriter. “The Grip” is a somber, yet determined song about struggle and perseverance, and is darker in its tone than most of the band’s existing material. Meanwhile, the breezy and cheerful tone of fan favorite “Worms” — which is slated for studio release in 2020 — is counterbalanced by its narrative about the stark realities of death.

Track listing
You Never Know
The Grip
Front Yard
So I Love

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