The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Tuesday, November 19

The idea of pop as a genre is a fluid one; one which combines the conventional wisdom of what’s popular at the time, but which allows its artists to push its parameters, add elements of varied influences, and create new and exciting sounds.

With that, we bring you “Vinyl,” the latest single from SOLA. The Philly-born, LA-based singer wrote the song while recalling fond memories from a previous long-term relationship.

“Vinyl is my personal story about leaving my ex last year to move to Hollywood to try to ‘make it.’ After spending years together, I realized that it’s often not the big milestones in a relationship that we will remember,” SOLA said. “It’s the little moments of feeling truly loved by somebody that make us stop, close our eyes and remember better days. And for me, that was when we moved the kitchen furniture to the side of the room and danced to vinyl records all night long.”

The single is built on an atmospheric future pop foundation, with classical accents creeping their way in via tasteful string arrangements. Rhythmically, “Vinyl” borrows its groove from SOLA’s middle eastern influences, adding a mystical, old-world flavor to this modern pop soundscape.

It’s here as today’s Daily Spinn. You’ll want to get your ears on this one below!

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