UMC20: November 19, 2019

Fun fact: This is post number 2,200 on Underground Music Collective, combining this era with our eastern Pennsylvania beginnings. So, that’s a fun milestone.

It also coincides with another heaping helping of fresh, hot jams.

You know how we do this by now. We compile 20 of the finest songs from independent musicians that have come across our radar recently, and we craftily weave them into a playlist for your week-long listening enjoyment. Then, you listen to it. All. Week. Long.

So, don’t let us stop you from doing that. Check it out below!

Track listing
A.T. Branch – Put in Work
Rusty Shipp – Breaking Waves
Kamber – Lost in Music City
EverSol – Kiss My
Billy Bauer Band – Worms (Live)
.CAM – Disconnected
Elle Mears – Sip It Off My Lips
Carolyn Miller – Summer Time
Dustin Hensley – Last Night
Wes Ryce – Just About Me
Scott Kurt – Middle of America
Bryan Frazier – Appalachia Gold
Michael Logen – For the Dreamers
No Name Blues – She’s Bad
Derek Webb – All of Me is Here
Christine Renner – Beautiful Daze
TIOGA – Break Me In
The Slow Drag – Someone to Be Good To
Moonroof – Honey Honey
Kiki Halladay – Majesty

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