PREMIERE: Christine Renner Claims a Sound of Her Own on ‘Tonight’

Austin, Texas native Christine Renner is carving a niche for herself on the indie rock landscape, with a sound that combines the storytelling sensibility of folk with the raw energy of 90s alternative rock, touched with a gloss coat of ethereal ambiance.

You’ll hear all of these ideas come into play – and play well together – on her new EP, Tonight.

The sonic landscape of Tonight is craftily woven together from the beginning. It all starts with the pensive title track, which features Renner contemplating strange, new romantic feelings over an atmospheric folk soundscape. Things still feel a bit spacy on ensuing track “Let It Rain.” This time, though, the new wave vibes work in tandem with an alt-rock bite that calls the angst of bands like Garbage and The Smashing Pumpkins to mind, and whose sting only gets heavier on the radio-ready “Beautiful Daze.”

For all of its punchiness, Tonight features no shortage of highly vulnerable moments. One special example is “When Will This All End,” a stark, searching ballad full of self-blame and melancholy. Renner pleads for mercy from the pain in her mind in heartbreaking fashion, calling attention to the wars we often wage with ourselves.

Ready for your first listen? Get it below!

Track listing
Let It Rain
Beautiful Daze
When Will This All End
I’ll Love You Forever

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