LISTEN: Caley Rose Gleefully Soars on ‘Worth the Trip’

The biggest travel week of the year is upon us. So, it’s the perfect time to take a trip.

With that, let us introduce you to “Worth the Trip,” a bubbly new single from Caley Rose. The Los Angeles-based songwriter — who has written for major labels and international artists, and whose music has been featured in commercials for Lipton and the Tomorrowland Music Festival — has released the single as a taste of her forthcoming EP.

What we have here is a bright, effervescent piece of piano pop, complete with an infectious melody and a fun, adventurous narrative. Rose sings of feelings of freedom and fearlessness inspired by new love — feelings that have her ready to take on the world, one destination at a time.

We’re sure you’ll find this one “Worth the Trip.” Stream it below!

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