WATCH: Brother Dusty Confronts Authority with ‘Little Blue Suit’

We already know that Brother Dusty is a fearless, multi-faceted musician. He can sing, rap, and play just about any instrument you put in front of him, in any style you could want.

That same fearlessness carries over into his worldview. This time, he’s striking back against the authority figures who have done him wrong with his latest offering, “Little Blue Suit.”

Written 10 years ago, the single is Brother Dusty’s commentary on encounters with police at varying points throughout his life. The singer and multi-instrumentalist delivers sharp critiques on the legal and governmental structures in place, which he believes cause officers of the law to choose between the people they serve and a paycheck.

“Little Blue Suit” presents a cornucopia of styles. Rooted in bass-driven funk rock, the single’s unpredictable, jam-metal progression and biting angst will make Rage Against the Machine fans leap for joy. All of this exists to support a social commentary which spares no feelings, seemingly borrowing a page from the Public Enemy playbook.

Listen to what Brother Dusty has to say on this one. Watch the video below!

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