PHOTOS: Derek Webb at The Basement

When Derek Webb released Stockholm Syndrome in 2009, it was equally experimental and controversial. The album’s urban electronica landscape was a noted departure from Webb’s singer-songwriter roots, while the record found itself under record label censorship due to its unabashed critiques on political and spiritual matters.

On Friday night, Webb celebrated 10 years of his landmark album at The Basement in Nashville, trading in the album’s multi-layered soundscapes for an evening of acoustic interpretations.

The end result was an intimate and enjoyable evening; one which allowed Webb to get back to his singer-songwriter roots, while holding true to the album’s poignant and, at times, rebellious messages. The stripped-down adaptations translated well in front of the live audience, who reacted receptively throughout the hour and 20 minute set.

The audience also had a chance to make requests, which led Webb to dig into his back catalog to perform “A Savior on Capitol Hill” — with updated lyrics to reflect the current political climate — from 2007’s The Ringing Bell, as well as a heart-wrenching rendition of “Goodbye, For Now,” the closing track of Webb’s most recent album, 2017’s Fingers Crossed.

Looking for more from Derek Webb? His forthcoming album, Targets, is set for release in early 2020. For now, let the view from our lens get you through.

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