UMC Real Talk: Giving Thanks

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. That means today, obviously, is Thanksgiving Eve.

It’s also a special day for me. It’s the one-year anniversary of the day I woke up for the first time as a resident of Nashville.

If I were to express my gratitude individually for every person and experience that I’ve encountered in that time, we might be here until Christmas. At any rate, I want you all to know this holiday season that being able to build this platform and tell your stories means the world to me.

Over the past year — as well as since a fateful August 2013 night, when I decided to launch the podcast that ultimately led me to Nashville — living the life of an independent creative has led me to a fulfilling, defined life mission. It has led me through the gauntlet of the human experience — good, bad, and ugly — to a place where I realize the potential that we all carry as human beings. To say that I’m grateful for the opportunity to continue creating, learning, and growing doesn’t even come close to doing the feeling justice.

So, if there was ever a time to express at least a fraction of that gratitude on an edition of UMC Real Talk, it’s Thanksgiving week. I appreciate you for watching, and I hope you can spend this holiday reflecting on everything that brings you a sense of gratitude.

Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving. See you soon!


UMC Real Talk is YouTube series featuring UMC founder Gerard Longo (and maybe some special guests). We’ll be talking about everything — from lessons learned in the music industry, to the perspectives on life that keep us going, to give an open look at what we do and why we do it.

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