Presenting the 2019 UMC50 Playlist!

More than any other playlist we’ve ever constructed, constructing the first-ever UMC50 playlist was not easy.

We’ve heard from hundreds of artists this year, and have heard multiple songs from the vast majority of them. Some have put out full EPs or albums. So, where do we even begin narrowing down this entire calendar year, to 50 of its can’t-miss songs?

We took a deep dive back into reviews and features. We scoured UMC20 playlist on top of UMC20 playlist. We made sure we selected from a wide spectrum of genres, and we came up with the following playlist, immortalized on Spotify for all time.

To be fair, the talent we’ve come across — and our desire to make sure the broad musical spectrum we’ve encountered is represented — made this quite a process.

With that said, a couple notes:
-This playlist was curated for flow, not a specific “order.” There’s no “#1,” and no “#50.” Just 50 fine tracks from this year, meshed together across genres the best we could.
-It was literally impossible to get everyone we wanted on the playlist. So, if you don’t appear here, we want to tell you that we love you and your music. Please keep up the good work, and keep telling us about it.

With that, we present to you the UMC50 Class of 2019. If you like what you hear, you can follow the playlist here.

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