The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Monday, December 2

Last week, while we gave you a listen to one of DaChri’s latest projects, we told you that another of his collaborations would be making it’s way to UMC this week.

We’re here to deliver on that promise, and we think you’ll be happy that we did.

This. Is. A. Banger.

It’s such a banger that we included it on this year’s UMC50 playlist of 2019’s can’t-miss tracks. It’s “Business,” a collaboration between Illa Noize and special guests Daisha McBride and DaChri. All three artists get to shine on the track, which is hot from the start of McBride’s assertive opening verse. The heat stays on through a fun verse from Illa Noize and an impressive — and to this point, rare — rap performance from DaChri (which we’d love to hear more of, at some point).

As for the instrumental, it beautifully meshes hip hop, trap, and a touch of Caribbean influence to create a track that is part-club anthem, part-summer jam, and good for any time of year.

Can you tell we’re excited about this one? Find out why below. It’s our Daily Spinn!

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