PREMIERE: Intellect’s ‘Depth’ Confronts Hard-Hitting Topics

When we became introduced to Intellect earlier this year, we spoke with a world-aware hip hop musician, actor, entrepreneur, and military veteran who understands the platform he’s been given through his many roles.

That’s why it comes as no surprise that his new EP, Depth, puts that platform to good use. When it officially hits on Friday, December 6, this release has the capability to start important conversations about society and life itself, as it challenges listeners to think about what they can do to improve their spheres of influence.

As a collective body of work, Intellect uses Depth to address a wide array of modern topics; from the political and racial tensions currently plaguing the United States and other parts of the world; to universal themes of grit, endurance, and perseverance. He does this while often taking a courageous look within to find solutions and, sometimes, face his own shortcomings.

A particularly special moment on Depth is “Priest.” A tense track whose atmosphere is made more frantic by the inventive use of fluttering woodwinds, “Priest” presents themes of faith and racial inequity, as Intellect contemplates the decisions we make in the face of our shallow desires and the responsibilities that come with them.

Sonically, Depth is a multi-dimensional record; a potent blend of jazz, soul, funk, and rock and roll that is equal parts Coltrane and Hendrix, purposely eclectic enough to honor the creativity of versatile musical forefathers like Miles Davis and Nile Rodgers.

In short, there’s a lot of Depth here. Start digging in here, and get it everywhere else on Friday!

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