Quinn Spinn Updates: December, More Chances to #GetSpunn in 2020

Today, we come to you with a small bit of bad news, followed by news that’s doubly as good.

First, the bad: the holidays are coming fast. We’re currently in a rush to get everything done that needs to happen between now and the time we fly north for the holiday. Not to mention, we’re still recovering from The Sickness that postponed December’s episode in the first place. Taking all of this into consideration, and knowing that we refuse to give you anything less than our well-prepared best… there will be no December 2019 episode of The Quinn Spinn.

Never fear, though: we plan to more than make up for it in 2020.

After much deliberation, we have decided to double the number of Quinn Spinn episodes per month in 2020. You’ll now hear a new conversation with a creative professional on the first and third Monday of every month. We’ll go just as in-depth as we normally do, of course, letting you know about their projects and the journeys that inspired them. We’ll just be doing it more often — a total of 24 times throughout the year, to be exact.

The reason? Well, we have a lot of people wanting to come on the show, to the point where just one episode per month just wasn’t going to cut it in the New Year. That — combined with our never-ending desire to get more artists, music, and stories in your ears — makes it well worth the extra studio time.

This might be a good time to check out The Quinn Spinn, to get a feel for the show or to revisit a favorite episode. And, if you or someone you love wants to come on a podcast to talk about creativity and life, we’re only an email away!

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