REVIEW: Williams’ Self-Titled EP Offers a No-Holds-Barred Look at Relationships

We’ve been looking forward to the release of Williams’ self-titled EP for a couple months. Now, we can clearly see and hear that it was worth the wait.

Preceded by the release of singles “Time,” “Sinner,” and “Rebound,” the five-track EP is marked by bluesy grit and confident, soulful vocals, tied together with a hard rock and roll edge. These influences create a finished product that gives an honest, warts-and-all look at romantic relationships.

For evidence, be sure to check out “Sinner,” whose fuzzy guitars serve well to represent the mysterious, wayward love interest Williams describes. Meanwhile, “Grave” is Williams’ chance to acknowledge her own roughness-around-the-edges in unapologetic fashion, while the track’s slow-burning groove creates a witchy atmosphere illustrative of love’s dark temptations.

The EP’s most emotionally jarring moment comes last, by way of the devastating ballad, “Kill Me Now.” A departure from the rest of the EP, the closing track stands out by making the listener feel the stark, heart-wrenching realities of infidelity.

Track listing
Kill Me Now

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