PHOTOS: Underground Writers Round, HOME for the Holidays Edition

We hosted the December edition of our Underground Writers Round at Nashville’s historic Douglas Corner Cafe on Friday night.

To round out the year, we brought it HOME.

All proceeds collected at the door on Friday night were donated to Helping Our Music Evolve, our beloved community partners and a creative incubator for hundreds of music industry professionals in East Nashville. To celebrate the occasion, we presented a diversely talented, all-Homie lineup that crossed genres and emulated the collaborative atmosphere HOME has fostered in Music City.

Specifically, lending their talents to the evening’s festivities were (in alphabetical order) country singer-songwriter Alexandra Lastort; soulful alt-rockers EverSōl; multi-genre songwriter Jon Gambino; trap-conscious hip hop artist Lord Goldie; pop-folk singer-songwriter Olivia Frances; and folk/Americana artist Shayla Carpenter. This lineup provided six distinct musical flavors, putting the full range of Nashville’s modern musicianship on display, all while uniting a room full of musicians, listeners, and industry professionals under a single cause.

Thank you to everyone who joined us on this special night and, as always, the folks at Douglas Corner who help us do what we do every month. Find the view through our lens below!

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