UPDATE: The Quinn Spinn’s Return Episode

As we mentioned earlier this month, The Quinn Spinn has double the fun in store for you in 2020, with fresh, new episodes scheduled to hit on the first and third of every month.

Today, we provide you with the first glimpse into the wonderful future.

We are thrilled to welcome Josh Mack to our return episode, set to hit your favorite streaming platform on Monday, January 6. The Nashville-based alt-rocker has been hard at work releasing music since moving to Music City, releasing 30 tracks to Spotify throughout 2019. Soon, Josh will release “Amor,” a new single with an indie rock vibe, appropriately set to hit the web on Valentine’s Day.

Learn more about Josh, his creative journey, and what else he has on tap for 2020 when our conversation premieres on the first Monday of the New Year.

As for The Quinn Spinn? Get acquainted with our (Nashville) story so far on Spotify, and be sure to check back for new episodes and updates!

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