The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, January 2

In keeping with the idea of offering you something new and different to start the New Year… how about we make this the first time we’ve featured a band from all the way in Hungary?

Shakin’ is comprised of vocalist/trumpeter Veronika Villango, guitarist/vocalist Daniel Balogh, and drummer Zsolt Ferenczi. The trio is a staple in Budapest’s music scene, bringing their brand of garage rock to the area’s clubs and festivals.

They also just released a new album in 2019, titled Be Gentle! One of its preceding singles, “Sllik,” is a fun and groovy example of what Shakin’ has to offer. Rooted in a classic rock and roll progression, “Sllik” melds an ambient, psychedelic witchiness together with a lo-fi, indie rock grit, creating a concoction with wide appeal for fans across the rock spectrum.

Get your ears on this one, our Daily Spinn, below!

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