UMC20: January 14, 2020

2020’s arrival was supposed to signify “the future,” right?

Well, whatever that means, today’s UMC20 playlist offers several glimpses into ours.

We have a few of our upcoming Quinn Spinn guests on this playlist, as well as some folks playing Underground Writers Rounds near and not-so-near (so yes, partial spoilers for future showcases are here, if you look for them). We also have some folks whose projects either just dropped or will drop soon, and we’ll be checking some of those out in greater detail shortly.

Overall, what we have for you is quality. That’s what we strive for here at Underground Music Collective, and we think we hit the mark below.

Track listing
Elisabeth Beckwitt – Waves
MOLLE – 11:59
DeVries – Know Better
Leah Jean – Boys on the Internet
Rachel Troublefield – Put Me In
Jared Minnix – Hydroplane
Maria Hassel – After Midnight
Richard String – Pocket/Same
Brian Quirk – Lavender
Allison Mahal – Little Blue
Christopher Paul Stelling – Trouble Don’t Follow Me
Darrin Bradbury – Talking Dogs & Atom Bombs
Patrick Carpenter – Daydream
Dustin Hensley – If I’m Bein’ Honest
Ben Danaher – Hell or High Water
Glamper – Lose My Cool
Josh Mack – Ghost of John
The Black Mariah Theater – Got No Luck
The Blam Blams – Roll On
Van Isaacson – Her Touch

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