The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Friday, January 17

Let’s give you something unique as you head boundlessly into the weekend, ready for tonight’s Underground Writers Round and whatever other wonders the next 72 hours will behold.

Colorado native Daniel Simmons spent some time in Los Angeles before coming to Nashville last year. He brought a unique project with him; one that blends the progressions and heart-on-the-sleeve emotional influence of pop punk with electronica soundscapes.

His most recent single, “I SCREAM,” is a great starting point to get into his catalog. Written in conjunction with ARTIST X, the tune’s vocals take on an Angels & Airwaves vibe, as Simmons sings about the desire we all share to be heard and loved. True to the title, Simmons’ passion explodes in the chorus and bridge, with hardcore-influenced screams adding a new dynamic to push the track forward.

It’s an intriguing marriage of styles, and it’s one that is done well. Stream “I SCREAM” as today’s Daily Spinn below!

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