PHOTOS: Underground Writers Round, January 2020

We kicked off a new year and decade of Underground Writers Rounds at Nashville’s historic Douglas Corner Cafe on Friday night.

And, as has become customary, the talent on stage brought the heat on a cool, damp winter’s night.

We had six featured acts join us throughout the evening, with our 9 p.m. round consisting of (in order of appearance) Kansas native Tawna Goforth, country storyteller Dustin Hensley, and folk artist Bethany Trainor. Then, it was on to the 10 p.m. round, which featured another dose of country from Kelley Jeanne, the intricate guitar work and alt-rock stylings of Josh Mack, and the vocal-driven acoustic rock of Noah Jack.

Surely, we’ll be seeing all six of those performers again soon, as they enjoy their two hours of rehearsal booking credit at Helping Our Music Evolve, where we pretty much live these days. Meanwhile, you can see them below with a look through our lens, and join us for the next #UndergroundRound at Douglas Corner on February 21!

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