The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, January 23

We dedicate today’s Daily Spinn to a man who valiantly sacrificed a sweet mustache for the greater good.

That was our introduction to Jackson Dreyer, who performed a smooth and soulful acoustic pop set in support of Rachel Troublefield’s Come Closer EP release on Sunday night at The 5 Spot. The occasion doubled as a benefit for People Loving Nashville, an organization that provides basic needs to disadvantaged local residents, and Dreyer’s “Save or Shave” mustache challenge alone netted more than $500 for the cause.

Dreyer can also write a sweet jam, as we found out by spinning “Can’t Fake It” on this week’s UMC20. It’s a little bit of funk, R&B, and pop rolled into one, with one of the most pleasant voices we’ve heard in Nashville powering the whole thing forward.

It’s our Daily Spinn, and it’s below. Enjoy it!

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