UMC20: February 11, 2020

One thing we can say, without question, is that this week’s UMC20 rocks!

For real, though, we’ve had a lot of rock submissions come in lately, and we decided to give them some love. In addition, we snuck some recent pop, electronic, folk, and Americana cuts in for good measure.

Turn it up to 11 and get to it. The latest UMC20 is below!

Track listing
Slumlord Radio – I Wanna Be Your Dog
Silent Monolith – My Way
Birds of Ontario – She’s Got Time
Go For Gold – Let Me Go
Bonsai Trees – Apology Note
Daniel Simmons x BabyRage – Back in Love (Remix)
Richard String – HopesUp
.CAM – Used To
Becoming Young – Trippin’
Evan Cline – I Can’t Stop It
Talia Stewart – Rat Race
Fallen Roads – Where She Goes
Allen and Douglas – Who Gets the Universe?
Zilverbacks – Ultimatum
Wolforna – Better Watch Your Back
Ryan Harris Brown – I Go On
The Jayplayers – I Still Love You
Mo7s – Move
Katie Cole – Broke
Raquel Aurilia – 2 Seconds

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