The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Wednesday, February 19

We head a little west of Tennessee for our midweek Daily Spinn. Specifically, let’s journey to Central Arkansas.

That’s where Go For Gold has been tearing it up. The quartet, signed to InVogue Records, are making a name for themselves with a high-energy brand of pop punk that will urge fans of all ages to get a little reckless.

In January, the guys got off on the right foot for 2020 with their latest single, “Let Me Go.” Featuring the relentless Jake Anderson behind the drums, the single powers ahead unabashedly, with Jared Williams’ scorching guitar work and frontman Spencer Vinson’s shout-along melodies contributing to make “Let Me Go” unforgettably anthemic.

When you’re done, you won’t want to let this one go. Stream it below!

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