LISTEN: Kaitlin Petty’s Deceptively Cheerful ‘Waste My Time’

Don’t let the bubbly tone of the opening guitar progression fool you: Kaitlin Petty‘s new single is anything but a love song.

The Nashville recording artist – known for her tongue-in-cheek writing style — released her latest single, “Waste My Time,” on Valentine’s Day. Given the release date and its cheerful pop rock sensibilities, one might think that this would be dedicated to a new and exciting love.

On the contrary; “Waste My Time” is about a former lover who was all promise, but no delivery. Petty spends the duration of the song recalling how the signs of downfall were there from the start, as well as all of the things she won’t miss now that things are said and done.

Spend a few meaningful minutes with this one below!

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