PHOTOS: Sad Girl Night at Helping Our Music Evolve, February 2020

In celebration of Black History Month, Sad Girl Music dedicated its February edition of Sad Girl Night to hip hop and R&B.

What a night, and what a lineup!

The energy was running at a palpable level all night long, through early, explosive sets from high-powered hip hop artists Yonna Jones and Lord Goldie (ft. Muja), through the sensual R&B tones of Taryn Coccia, and carrying through a dynamic, full-band closing set from Violet LaVelle. The crowd’s excitement maintained at a high level, as well, with the event space at Helping Our Music Evolve operating at capacity for much of the evening.

All in all, the result was one of the most unifying and memorable Sad Girl Nights in history. The fun continues with a folk edition at H.O.M.E. on Sunday, March 22. For now, we have photos!

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