LISTEN: Moonroof Releases Shimmering New Single, ‘Magazine’

Philly alt-rockers Moonroof have made quite a regional splash in the Northeast over the past couple of years, releasing a string fun, youthful tunes ripe with big hooks.

In that respect, their new single, “Magazine,” picks up right where they left off!

The tune signals something of a new sound for Moonroof, featuring glistening synths and a warm, new wave ambiance. These elements are layered delicately on top of a modern funk foundation, and join forces to give “Magazine” an accessible pop shine.

All the while, frontman Dave Kim does what he does best, delivering a sweetly-sung, wistful narrative — in this case, about a girl whose promise and outer beauty has become obscured through the years by her entitlement and lack of humility.

We’re excited to share this new beginning for Moonroof with you. Stream it below!

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