WATCH: Anastasia Elliot’s ‘Crash Landing’ Inspired by Real Trauma

In 2013, Anastasia Elliot was en route to New York City’s LaGuardia Airport to put the finishing touches on her single, “Crash Landing.”

The song took on a new meaning when the landing gear failed on Southwest Airlines Flight 345, sending the plane sliding nose-first along the runway.

Elliot’s life and music — as well as the significance of “Crash Landing” — was changed from the experience, which influenced the single’s new music video. The video depicts Elliot fighting to gain control of an out-of-control spaceship, finding clarity along the way before arriving to a safe landing on her terms.

“This video is a surreal re-imagining of my real-life plane crash, one in which I am in control,” Elliot said. “It explores how being in charge doesn’t always redirect the outcome. The control and power for me comes in being able to create this project and work through different versions of a traumatic situation. I have found so much healing through creativity.”

The cinematic pop soundscape of “Crash Landing” properly reflects the extreme tension of the real-life events which inspired the single. This is only amplified by Elliot, who captivates by showing elite control of her distinct vocal instrument.

Watch the video for “Crash Landing” below!

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