LISTEN: Notelle Dances with Shadows on ‘Come For Me’

The dark pop movement overtaking Nashville’s music scene got richer earlier this month with “Come For Me,” the latest contribution from Notelle.

The Nashville native, who spent years as a featured vocalist and topliner before stepping out of the shadows in 2018, plays with shadows of a different kind on the new single. With a pulsing low end and an ominous vocal delivery, Notelle takes time to confront the ghosts that haunt us, long after they are gone.

“I have always found the concept of ‘shadows’ fascinating, as they’re quite literally a dark-sided piece of you that is intangible, yet always present. It reminded me a lot of the remnants of an old love. They’re there still, but not really. It’s a frightening concept. It’s widely accepted, at this point, that all living things are made up of energy — and I’ve been reading more and more recently about how, even after a living thing has left a space, it is possible that their residual energy can linger. You can feel it, even when you’d give anything to erase it. That’s what this song is about’ that shadow that haunts you, that memory that overstays it’s welcome, that person whose presence it’s still there, long after they’re gone.”

-Notelle, on “Come For Me”

“Come For Me” is coming right at you. Stream it below!

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