The Silent Boys Hover Between Farewell and Forgiveness with ‘Last Time’

Most of us have had a relationship or two leave us in limbo. We think we’re ready to walk away, but we’re unsure if this goodbye is truly for good.

If that sounds familiar, Richmond, VA alt-rock veterans The Silent Boys have something for you. Their new single, “Last Time,” deals with the back-and-forth that occurs when we hover between farewell and forgiveness, as it tracks a couple’s toxic relationship, and leaves the conclusion up to the listener.

β€œThe lyrics track generally to a couple who is struggling to reach a harmonious understanding,” says bassist Michael Click. β€œ(They’re) always dealing with something that is pulling them apart or bringing them together.”

Fans of guitar-driven pop rock will love “Last Time.” The single’s mellow tones and a new wave sensibility recall the timelessness of influences like R.E.M. and The Smiths. “Last Time” was a collaborative effort; Click and lead guitarist John Suchocki joined frontman and chief songwriter Wallace Dietz to craft its narrative and soundscape.

Check this one out. We’re sure it won’t be the last time you do! Once you’ve done that, head over to Bandcamp to pick it up and support The Silent Boys.

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