LISTEN: The Blam Blams Bring the Glam on ‘Isabella’

In the many nights I’ve spent plugging away at Helping Our Music Evolve, I’ve had the chance to catch wind of The Blam Blams, Nashville’s self-described “Theatrical, Queer, and Hardly Austere Glam Rock Band.”

The band has been hard at work in the studio at H.O.M.E., working on their forthcoming album, Opening Night. Today, we present you with a first taste: their new single, “Isabella.”

“Isabella” is a whimsical offering, on which lead vocalist Bradley Owens sings about his adoration for a woman — particularly, his love of her wardrobe. Marked by its crisp harmonies, inventive song structure, and flamboyant rock and roll flair, “Isabella” is a bright, happy-go-lucky earworm; its quirky, yet accessible musicianship pays homage to The Beatles, while its theatrical sensibilities would certainly make Freddie Mercury proud.

You’ll adore this one, for sure. Fall in love with “Isabella” below!

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