UMC20: March 24, 2020

We’re all finding ways to persevere through what have certainly been a challenging few weeks, here in Nashville and around the world.

With that, the relentless spirit of musicians everywhere — and their will to perform — cannot be extinguished.

We salute everyone finding the resolve to keep going, and all those who are finding ways to instill a sense of normalcy in this time of uncertainty. With that, we’re happy to do the same, delivering 20 more tracks to power you through the week.

Certainly, we’ve included those who have helped us do that — including the increasing number of faces joining us on UMC Quaratine Jams over on Instagram. There’s also a fair share of new music on this one, and some exciting and eclectic selections all around.

We don’t know how long we’ll all be holed up, but we can make it fun regardless. Let’s do that with the latest UMC20!

Track listing
Pools Apart – The Sun is Warm Above You
zkennedy – Wherever You Are
Junkmale – San Francisco
Jerrica Alyssa – Love Me
Kaitlin Petty – Staring at the Ceiling
Zoe Clark – Cave
A.C. Jones – Mr. Moon
Kelley Jeanne – That Kinda Love
Robert Henry – Storm the Gate
Borrowed Sparks – The Prettiest One Left
The Silent Boys – Last Time
Vanity Fear – No More
The Slow Drag – That Butt
The Mad Sugars – Dizzy on the Floor
The Blam Blams – Isabella
Cory Taylor Cox – Trainwreck
The Black Mariah Theater – Don’t Hang on to Me
Bee Taylor – Who’s He Going Home With
Anastasia Elliot – Cigarettes & Gasoline
Alive Through Memories – Recover

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