The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Thursday, March 26

We’re going to take today’s Daily Spinn to bring you something entirely different.

What is it? It’s Pools Apart, a collaborative project between Pennsylvania-based musicians Angelo Maruzzelli and bedfordtowers. The duo just released Something to Love, a four-track EP that covers plenty of ground in its 9-minute runtime.

The EP blends together as a conscious stream of thought, bringing electronic, emo, goth, acoustic, and rock elements seamlessly together. Beginning with the floating, otherworldly “The Sun is Warm Above You,” the EP is also highlighted by the dark, industrial-toned “Take It Away,” and the peaceful, sun-kissed title track.

In all, Pools Apart have created a listening experience that represents free-flowing, boundless creativity. Because we feel this project is best digested in full, that’s how we’re presenting it to you. Enjoy this special Daily Spinn!

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