PREMIERE: Sean Cunningham Steps Out with ‘How Could Love Defeat Me’

Kentucky native Sean Cunningham is a lifelong musician who has tasted international success. You may know him as the lead vocalist of Atlas, whose hit single “Crawl” spent nine weeks at number 1 in New Zealand in 2007. More recently, Sean became known for his work with Nashville rock band, The Cunning.

Now, Cunningham has stepped out on his own to try something completely new. We get our first taste with his new single, “How Could Love Defeat Me.”

“How Could Love Defeat Me” is the first single from the forthcoming EP, The Whole Charade, which is set for release on May 29. Like the entire EP, “How Could Love Defeat Me” was written, recorded, produced, and performed entirely by Cunningham, who built the track layer-by-layer with a looping pedal and analog synthesizers.

The track’s tone is dark, yet determined. Written about “a past failed relationship with a pathological liar,” “How Could Love Defeat Me” grows from its forlorn, searching beginnings into a triumphant, multi-layered wall of sound that brightens as Cunningham finds the resolve to rise above heartbreak.

Now, it’s here for you. Stream “How Could Love Defeat Me” below!

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