The Quinn’s Daily Spinn: Monday, March 30

It’s New Episode Release Day (N.E.R.D.), and today’s Quinn Spinn guest, Mike Bay of Borrowed Sparks, has a brand new EP that has been making the rounds.

Titled The Prettiest One Left, Borrowed Sparks’ debut release is a sampling of rock and roll as strong-willed and gutsy as the artist behind it. We’ve already given you a listen to opening track, “Man With a Different Name,” and the tender closing title track. Now, we look at the project as a whole.

Borrowed Sparks’ sound blends a punk rock edge akin to Social Distortion, with the anthemic punch and accessibility of heartland rock. This all ties together with a storytelling ability steeped in Americana tradition, making for an authentic, broadly appealing listening experience.

One particular highlight is the muscular “Are You Listening?” The tune recalls the maverick energy of Tom Petty, layered with a simmering angst that calls The Gaslight Anthem to mind. Another, more poignant moment is “Patron Saint,” a poignant ballad about a woman losing hope through a life stuck in reverse.

We have the whole thing for you as today’s special Daily Spinn. Stream The Prettiest One Left below!

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