UMC20: Best of March 2020

Folks… it’s been a month.

There’s no denying that March 2020 was an odd time for just about all of us. But, we must also remember the outstanding art we’ve had a chance to enjoy.

On this end, that means we had a total of four UMC20 playlists to choose from when compiling some of the top tracks March had to offer. That’s even more than usual, so best believe we had an interesting time narrowing things down.

As always, though, we’re proud to close the month by delivering some of its hottest fire. Listen to it all below!

Track listing
Ben Tyler – Ready
Kate Puckett – All I
Artikal Sound System – Traffic
Mark Fredson – R U IN IT?
Notelle – Come For Me
Jerome Obholz – All You Want
Evan Cline – Downfall
Kaitlin Petty – Staring at the Ceiling
Zoe Clark – Cave
Anastasia Elliot – Crash Landing
Alive Through Memories – Recover
zkennedy – Wherever You Are
Junkmale – San Francisco
Cobey. – Alarm
Moodsmith – Kale Salad
Moonroof – Magazine
The Blam Blams – Isabella
Borrowed Sparks – The Prettiest One Left
Dane & The Soup – I Been Lonely
Robert Henry – Storm the Gate

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