LISTEN: Goodnite Robicheaux Releases Raw, Mellow ‘Every Time’

The members of Goodnite Robicheaux have spent their lives immersing themselves in a vast array of musical ideas. The indie soul duo — consisting of longtime friends Justin MacDonald and Jamison Mode — grew up in musical households, and are not bound to a particular genre.

That’s what makes their forthcoming album, The Green Line, so exciting, beginning with its lead single, “Every Time.”

A mellow, yet somber introduction to the new record, “Every Time” employs clean, emotive guitar licks and the powerful soul baritone of Mode to address the often-dispiriting struggle of overcoming addiction. The tune’s blue tones encapsulate the challenges we share when trying to overcome the hurdles placed in front of us, either by circumstance or our own weaknesses.

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