WATCH: Emma Ohm’s Video for the Electrifying ‘Not Your Savior’

Living in Nashville, there’s so much incredible talent and artistic merit around us that it can hard to keep up with it all.

Sometimes, though, an artist’s song and very presence gives you no choice but to stand up and take notice.

That was the feeling when we were introduced to Emma Ohm (a.k.a. “Electric Emma”), a Chicago native and Nashville resident who brings the soul and the funk to listeners in heavy doses.

If you need evidence, we implore you to listen to her latest single, “Not Your Savior.” The single’s retro-soul vibe is given life by Ohm’s Telecaster alongside her powerhouse vocals, which are a nod to influences like Jill Scott, Erykah Badu, and Janis Joplin. The fun doesn’t stop there — “Not Your Savior” also features important contributions from Nashville luminaries like maestro trumpeter Frederick Weathersby (OutKast) and drummer Tom Delrossi (Brian James Revival).

The accompanying music video, released on April 4, was shot by Ryan Ohm of Weird Life Films. Ryan, Emma’s brother, is acclaimed for his work, which includes collaborations with Chance the Rapper and Ravyn Lenae.

We think we’ve given you plenty of reasons to dig into this one. Check out “Not Your Savior” below!

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